Tissue Culture: A Study of Tissue Paper

Read below in what ways the insignificant tissue paper influences our lives.

A tissue is one of those seemingly “ unimportant” things which in actuality are quite significant in our daily lives. There are very few areas of your lives which are not touched by the tissue paper. Whether you are wiping your face clean or buying a birthday gift, you will need to use the omnipresent tissue paper in various forms. Its uses are as varied as its area of application.

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Find below some ways in which the humble tissue is irreplaceable in our daily lives.

When Cleaning the Face: Whether you want to wipe your face clean or remove make up, you are always, without fail, using the tissue. It has become the single most important item in the modern woman’s make up kit as well as the modern man’s toiletries.

When Buying a Gift: The items you choose as a gift change according to occasion. The gift you will buy for your best friend’s marriage is not the gift that you will buy on your spouse’s birthday, however whether useful or beautiful, every delicate gift has something in common, it is the suave and sophisticated wrapping paper accompanying your gift, making sure that none of it breaks, which is the common factor. So, same tissue with a different job!

When Cleaning the House: Well you could clean more than your face with a tissue. Whether it is a framed photograph, a glass top or some delicate china, any item that would not take rough cleaning can be cleaned with the wipe of a soft tissue and some cleaning liquid and voila! It is as good as new again.

When Dining Out or Dining Fancy: Any place you go to eat out, from the neighbourhood Deli to a real fancy restaurant you need to reserve three weeks in advance, will offer you a tissue, whether hastily included with your hamburger or folded in cute shapes on the dining table, the super absorbent qualities of the tissue make it an ideal substance to get rid of food stains.

Now, these are all personal uses. The tissue also has many industrial uses. If you are running a salon, or a restaurant/ take away joint, or a shop selling fragile gift items, the tissue is very important to you. From its humble use it is hard to believe that the tissue paper industry is such a huge one, but colossal it is. There are many <tissue expos or exhibitions> happening throughout the year. A visit to any one of them clearly indicates what a rich market the tissue paper actually makes. To cut a long story short from protecting your porcelain to cleaning a runny nose, there is not much a tissue paper can’t do!