Explain like I’m 5 what SAP HANA is

Explain like I’m 5 what SAP HANA is

While all the big CEO�s and techies are touting how much of a revolution SAP HANA is in the ERP world, it can be hard for someone new to the world of business to understand what the big deal is and what SAP HANA is.

SAP HANA can be quite a new technology to grasp for you and your company. However, with Hitachi SAP HANA, you can be assured that your team will master it effectively. If you are looking for a SAP HANA vendor Singapore, you should definitely look for them. Check out their site today.

This article is going to attempt to explain what SAP HANA is in the simplest of terms possible. So, what is SAP HANA?

Many computers use an HDD (hard disk drive) as a memory storing solution. This is old and outdated today as there is a new technology to store memory known as an SSD (solid-state drive). A solid-state drive is 400% faster than an HDD, so the gains are significant as well as immediately noticeable. It is important to make this distinction as it will help understand what SAP HANA is.

SAP HANA is exactly the same as the above except for the fact that you replace the SSD with memory. All of the files are kept in memory, so it is tremendously faster.

What used to happen before SAP HANA was introduced was that you�d click something and have to wait for a long time. You�d walk away to do something else and eventually forget about it.

When things come back faster you can work on it and do new things in the moment instead of waiting. SAP HANA also has the added benefit of compressing the data. Take this example for reference.
Imagine you have pieces of paper with dog names and cat names on them and then ordered each piece of paper into piles for the whole office. This would result in large piles of paper.

With SAP HANA, the software writes down that there are 300 dog names and 400 cat names on a single piece of paper. This makes it a lot easier to handle.
The revolution of SAP HANA is in terms of speed. The database saves on memory as opposed to traditional servers which use hard disk drives. SAP is also rewriting all of their applications for HANA which makes them much quicker.

While there are many other uses for SAP HANA, this is just a brief concise example of what it makes possible. SAP HANA is a revolution in the world of enterprise resource planning and is being adopted by many businesses and organizations worldwide.



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What a good SAP ERP Vendor should offer

What a good SAP ERP Vendor should offer

If you are looking for a SAP ERP Vendor, you need to look for a market leader in the field of SAP ERP service provision. For instance, Hitachi ICT Solutions is a powerhouse of more than 2,000 consultants who work magic with businesses every day to optimize their SAP ERP, add value to their business and, most importantly, achieve tangible and sustainable returns on investment. Check their site out today: http://www.hitachi.com.sg/ict-solutions/solutions/business-application/sap-practice

In this article, we elaborate on the other services in the field of SAP ERP.

SAP Consulting

With its pulse beating to the time of the industry and its expertise in SAP ERP, Hitachi offers consulting in multiple areas such as conceptualization, installation, design, implementation, training, system integration, maintenance, migration, and others. They house professionals with expertise in business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise information management, enterprise resource planning, enterprise performance management, supply chain management, sustainability, and beyond. Hitachi serves a wide variety of industries ranging from oil and gas to financial services. It employs its tried and tested methodologies for implementation of ICT and SAP projects.


SAP S/4HANA is an enterprise resource management platform that enables your business to be carried out in the cloud or on premise. This platform requires a solid infrastructure underlying it. Hitachi�s vast expertise and experience can help immensely with the smooth transition from your existing platform to SAP S/4HANA. Hitachi delivers SAP S/4HANA solutions of design, deployment, management and migration, from end to end for organizations, whatever their size.

SAP Business One

As businesses progress beyond the small and medium sized business stage to a greater scale, they inevitably consider having a comprehensive enterprise management solution to manage their entire business. SAP Business One steps in here and covers all aspects of a business including accounting, inventory, customer relationship management, vendor management, sales, and purchasing. The advantages are enormous for a business. Implementation of SAP Business One has an impact on the bottom line, customer satisfaction, and decision making, to name just a few.

SAP Business Analytics

Data analytics is the new norm for every business. Hitachi�s partnership with SAP along with its knowhow of SAP analytics packs a solid punch and is sure to help you gain insights about your performance, customers, opportunities, and threats.

Hitachi offers a wide band of services in the SAP ERP arena encompassing all facets to ensure a memorable and smooth SAP ERP experience. To get the most out of SAP ERP for your business, consider their impressive portfolio and truly add value to your business.

In conclusion, you should be looking for a vendor that offers a wide band of services in the SAP ERP arena encompassing all facets to ensure a memorable and smooth SAP ERP experience. To get the most out of SAP ERP for your business, you should consider their portfolio and whether they truly add value to your business.